T-Bone Steak

Butcher Boys if a family owned Vancouver butcher shop that has been doing business for more than 40 years. We always strive to provide our customers with fresh and flavorful meat that you just won’t find at the supermarket. Our butchers take the time and effort to ensure that every cut of meat is sliced and prepared to perfection. From top quality rib eye steaks to bacon wrapped beef tenderloin, we have an awesome selection of choice beef cuts and ready-for-the-grill items. If you want to enjoy savory, delicious meat without breaking the bank, come on down to Butcher Boys and see what we have to offer. Our hard-working butchers are always ready and able to help you find exactly what you are searching for.

The T-bone steak is one of the most popular steaks in the U.S. and contains meat from two of the choicest cuts of beef, the tenderloin and the short loin. The steak gets its name from the T-shaped bone that separates the two different cuts. Here at Butcher Boys, we get all of our meat from local suppliers located right here in the Pacific Northwest. The beef we use is fresh, natural and raised without the use of hormones or other undesirable chemicals. Our T-bone steaks are expertly trimmed, and contain just the right amount of marbled fat to achieve that succulent, savory flavor that T-bone steaks are famous for. If you are new to the T-bone grilling game, our butchers are more than happy to give you some tips or helpful advice on the best ways to prepare your steaks.

Natural Beef in Vancouver

At Butcher Boys, we offer a substantial selection of top quality steaks. If you want to enjoy higher quality steak, contact us today or visit our Vancouver butcher shop.