St. Louis Style Spare Ribs

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a nice rack of ribs. When cut and prepared right, they can be one of the most delicious foods out there. Here at Butcher Boys, we specialize at cutting ribs, and we have several different kinds to offer, including St. Louis style spare ribs.

Unlike baby backs, St. Louis style spare ribs are taken from the belly side of the rib cage. St. Louis style spare ribs are really just spare ribs minus the rib tips. The rib tips contain a lot of gristle and cartilage, and cutting them off leaves nothing but tender and lean meat. The meat on spare ribs can be tougher than baby backs, but there is also more of it and if prepared right, you’ll never even notice. This cut was first popularized in; you guessed it, St. Louis. St. Louis style spare ribs are flat and straight, and are perfect for recipes that require you to brown the ribs on the stove top. They are also perfect for barbecuing and smoking, and they work exceptionally well for slow cooking.  Our St. Louis style spare ribs are the perfect complement to any barbecue or family gathering.

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Meat that you buy at the grocery store tends to be pretty bland and unimpressive. At Butcher Boys, you will find that our meat is much more flavorful, has better texture and is all around more delicious than store-bought meat. We are the highest quality meat market in Vancouver. Contact us any time to ask about our products or our prices!