Pork Steak

Butcher Boys is a Vancouver butcher shop that is committed to using only the freshest and most natural pork, beef and poultry in Vancouver, Washington. We have been in business for more than four decades, and over the years that we have been in business we have perfected our craft. We can prepare any cut of meat for you, and we can tell you the best way to cook it, too. If you want to taste the freshest meat in Vancouver, come on down to Butcher Boys and we will prepare a custom cut for you.

Pork steak is very popular in the Midwest, but here in the Pacific Northwest it is not as prominent. Here at Butcher Boys, we specialize in cutting all of the different pork steak variations. Pork steaks are all cut from the shoulder butt, but can vary based on thickness or the meat they contain. You can purchase a whole pork butt roast and we will custom cut the pork roast into multiple pork steaks, or you can purchase your pork steaks individually. Either way they are guaranteed to be tender and delicious. There are many different ways to cook a pork steak. Thicker pork steaks work very well for slow cooking or grilling, as all that time exposed to heat tenderizes the tough meat. Thin pork steaks are not as good for slow cooking, as they tend to dry out quite fast. Braising a thin pork steak will lock in the juices and flavor when you cook it on the grill. We can cut your pork steaks however thick or thin you want them, and we will even give you tips and advice on how to cook them and what to serve as a side dish.

Vancouver Meat Market

Our customers come to Butcher Boys meat market in Valcouver because they know that our meat is of much higher quality than anything you would find at a supermarket or grocery store. We are always willing to address our customer’s questions and concerns, so feel free to contact us at any time.