Pork Loin Roast

Butcher Boys is a Vancouver, Washington butcher shop that has been providing customers with high quality natural beef, poultry and pork products for more than 40 years. The animals we use are locally raised and are never fed hormones or animal by-products. Our butchers are friendly, experienced and know everything there is to know about cutting meat. If you need a specific item, our butchers will find the right cut for you. If you have any special requests, our butchers are happy to take care of that for you, too. Our selection and the quality of the meat we sell can’t be beat, so come visit us and see how a butcher shop is supposed to be run.

Whether you need pork, poultry or beef, we have what you are looking for. One of our more popular items here at Butcher Boys is our pork loin roast. The pork loin is the cut that comes from the back of a pig, between the shoulder blades. It is considered by many to be the tenderest and most savory cut of pork. It can be sold boneless or with the bone-in. Many people say that the bone gives the roast more flavor, but it also makes it more difficult to cut. At Butcher Boys, we will gladly prepare your loin roast any way you want it. If you want it de-boned and tied, no problem. If you want us to cut the bone off but tie it to the roast, we can do that, too. One thing is for sure, though; when you buy a pork loin roast from us it is guaranteed to be fresh, natural and delicious.

Natural Pork in Vancouver

You won’t find the same natural, high quality meat that we sell at any grocery store or supermarket. If you want to taste meat that has more flavor and texture, come to Butcher Boys. Contact us today or visit our website to see what we have to offer.