Ground Turkey Necks

Since 1969, Butcher Boys has been providing its customers with the freshest local meat Vancouver, Washington has to offer. We are a family owned butcher shop, and we believe in taking our time to deliver excellent customer service. We have an impressive selection of locally raised, natural beef, poultry and pork products, and we hand craft more than 50 kinds of different sausages, too. Whether you are looking for a choice cut of beef or a pre-marinated chicken that is ready for the grill, we have you covered. No other Vancouver meat market can match our huge selection or our quality service.

At Butcher Boys, we are always happy to accommodate any special requests that our customers have, including requests for beef bones or turkey necks for their favorite pets. Many dog owners try to feed their dogs with raw meat and bones from time to time to improve their health. Turkey necks are a great food option for dogs, and can be eaten raw. The bones are soft enough that a medium to large-sized dog will be able to chew and swallow them, and the tough, lean meat provides plenty of protein and minerals. Turkey necks are also a great source of calcium, and can improve joint health in dogs. Here at Butcher Boys, we offer our customers ground turkey necks that can be used to add variety and nutrition to any dog’s diet. For customers with small dogs, our ground turkey necks are an ideal option. The turkeys we use are locally raised and are never fed any antibiotics or animal by-products, so you know that you are getting the highest quality meat possible.

Natural Chicken in Vancouver

We have made a reputation for ourselves by providing high quality meat products at an affordable price. Contact us today if you have any questions or if you want to put in a request for some ground turkey necks in advance.