Ground Beef

Butcher Boys is a local, family-owned Vancouver meat market that has a huge selection of fresh and smoked meats. The butcher shop is a rare sight these days, but there is no better place to get natural, high quality meat. We source all of our meat from local suppliers, so the meat we sell is always fresher and more flavorful than the meat you can buy at the grocery store. Not only do we have a huge selection of natural beef, pork and poultry cuts, but we also make more than 50 kinds of sausage and jerky. We also do game processing and we have many ready-for-the-grill items as well. At Butcher Boys, you will find all of the delicious meat products you could ever need.

Ground beef is a must for any barbecue or family picnic. Nothing says summer quite like juicy burger patties sizzling on the grill. Here at Butcher Boys, we sell superior quality natural ground beef that is perfect for making juicy, flavorful hamburgers.  Ground beef is also perfect for hundreds of dishes like spaghetti, tacos and many other family favorites. We source all of our beef from local cattle farmers, where the cows are raised naturally, without the use of hormones and other chemicals. We grind all of our beef in-store, so you can ask for a specific leanness and we will deliver it. We have ground round, ground chuck and ground sirloin. If you want your hamburgers to be leaner, just let out butchers know. Don’t settle for sub-par, grocery store ground beef. If you want burgers that stand out with their amazing flavor and texture, come to Butcher Boys. We will grind beef to your exact specifications and wrap it up for you to take home.

Natural Beef in Vancouver

High quality meat is hard to come by these days. Luckily, Butcher Boys is here to fill that demand. Contact us today to reserve a special cut of meat or come visit our butcher shop and check out our ridiculous selection.