Country Style Spare Ribs

We only work with the freshest and most natural pork in Vancouver when we are making our ribs. We work with all kinds and cuts of ribs, including country style spare ribs. Country style spare ribs are actually very rare these days. They are often confused with “country style ribs,” which aren’t actually ribs at all. They are boneless, and the meat is taken from the rib side of the pork loin. Country style spare ribs, on the other hand, actually contain ribs. Country style spare ribs are cut from the front end of the rib rack near the shoulder, and they contain far less bones and much more meat than any other cut of rib. In fact, they are often eaten with a fork and a knife. Because they contain a lot of connective tissue, it is often best to slow roast country style spare ribs. That way the connective tissue melts away and the meat is allowed to soften. Whatever recipe you choose, our country style spare ribs are guaranteed to be delicious.

Butcher Boys is a local meat market in Vancouver, Washington. We have been in business for more than 40 years, and we are very knowledgeable about all things related to meat. We cut and sell fresh and natural beef, pork and poultry. We also specialize in making handcrafted sausages and a variety of other delicious meat products. If you are tired of eating sub-par meat from the grocery store, come to Butcher Boys and you will immediately see and taste the difference in quality.

Vancouver Butcher Shop

We have an awesome selection of top quality meat products available in our Vancouver butcher shop. We even make homemade beef jerky and pepperoni sticks that our customers are always raving about. If you are looking for high quality meat at an affordable price, come on down to Butcher Boys. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to know what meats we offer.