Boneless Rump Roast

Butcher Boys is a family-owned, local meat market in Vancouver that has been providing its customers with fine meat products for over four decades. We carry the freshest meat in Vancouver, and our selection of natural pork, poultry and beef cuts can’t be matched. Our commitment to customer satisfaction also can’t be beat. Our butchers work hard to help our customers find what they are searching for, whether it is a special cut of meat or one of our delicious, handcrafted sausages. You won’t find high quality meat like ours at a grocery store. Come down to Butcher Boys and experience how meat is supposed to taste.

At Butcher Boys, we pride ourselves on our selection of fresh and natural beef. All of our meat is sourced from local suppliers, so it doesn’t have to be frozen and shipped long distances. Our suppliers also raise their animals humanely, and they are never fed with hormones, antibiotics or animal byproducts. This ensures that the beef we purchase is of the highest quality. One popular beef cut that we sell is our boneless rump roast. Despite its rather unflattering name, the rump roast is a flavorful, triangular cut of beef that can be used to make a diverse array of delicious meals. Rump roasts turn out best when they are slow-roasted or braised. You can also use the drippings to make some excellent gravy to enhance the flavor. We know the most effective ways to prepare different cuts of beef, and our butchers are always available for helpful cooking tips or recipe recommendations if you aren’t sure how to prepare your roast.

Natural Beef in Vancouver

High quality meat is pretty hard to come by these days, and most people settle for the Styrofoam-packaged meat at the supermarket. If you want fresh meat that is bursting with flavor, visit our butcher shop or contact us ahead of time to make a special request.