Beef Brisket

When our customers visit our butcher shop, they know that they are getting the freshest and highest quality natural beef, pork and poultry in Vancouver. We have been in business for more than 40 years, and our skilled butchers are experts at cutting and cooking any cut of meat. They can help you find the choice cut or roast that you are looking for, and they can also give you advice on how to prepare it. We have an unbeatable selection of meat cuts, handcrafted sausages, deli meats and cheeses. If you are looking to impress your family or friends with premium quality meat, Butcher Boys has all of the fresh pork, beef and poultry you need.

One item that we carry that we are particularly proud of is our beef brisket. Beef brisket is a cut of beef that comes from the chest section of a cow, right above the forelegs. At a grocery store, you will often find beef brisket cut into two separate pieces; the point cut and the flat cut. The flat cut contains a lot of lean meat, while the point cut is marbled with fat and usually comes with a fat cap. At Butcher Boys, we carry whole beef briskets in addition to the point and flat cuts. When slow-cooked, our beef brisket is juicy and full of flavor. When you place it in the oven or slow-cooker with the fat cap on top, it allows the juices to soak into the entire brisket during cooking, resulting in tender, savory meat. It is also perfectly suited for barbecuing and can also be used to make corned beef.

Natural Beef in Vancouver

At Butcher Boys, we are very passionate about our work. That passion is reflected in the freshness and quality of the meat we sell. Contact us today to ask about our selection, or come visit our butcher shop in person.